Coast Polysteel 200 320 Lumens Pure Beam Focusing Flashlight

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Coast Polysteel 200 320 Lumens Pure Beam Focusing Flashlight is waterproof, drop-proof and crush proof while possessing our Pure Beam Optics System with twist focus to make the light ultra durable and ready to weather any storm. With a stainless steel core and a poly outer, we put this light to the test and it passed each one with style. If you work or play in an environment that puts constant stress on your equipment, then look no further than the Polysteel line of flashlights.


  • The Pure Beam Focusing Optic combines largest Ultra View Flood Beam with the Bulls-Eye Spot Beam making either up close or downrange illumination highly effective
  • While using the Ultra View Flood Beam, there is a consistent circle of light up to 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) in diameter at 6 feet (1.8 meters) in distance. While on the Bulls-Eye Spot Beam, you can illuminate up to 767 feet (234 meters) downrange with a transition halo around the spot to increase the effective viewing area
  • Light modes: high, medium, low
  • Twist the head of the light to move between a flood and a spot beam
  • This product is waterproof to 3 meters for at least 1 hour. Verified IPX8 by the ANSI FL1 Standards
  • This product can survive a drop from a height of 3 meters. Verified by the ANSI FL1 Standards
  • Durable fiberglass-reinforced polymer over a stainless steel core creates a flashlight capable of serious, professional level use


Beam OpticsPure Beam Focusing
Light Output (High)320 Lumens
Light Output (Low)26 Lumens
Beam Distance (High)396 ft. (118 m)
Beam Distance (Low)121 ft. (37 m)
Run Time (High)3h and 45 mins
Run Time (Low)34h
Battery3 x AAA