BORA Centipede CK6S 2 ft. x 4 ft. 6-Strut Workstand

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BORA Centipede CK6S 2 ft. x 4 ft. 6-Strut Workstand is the most flexible solution for your job site, workspace, or workshop. It sets up a 2ft x 4ft workstation in mere seconds—no assembly required—so your entire worksite is ready in a few minutes. It’s versatile enough to easily set up indoors or outdoors to meet your needs for any project or installation.

Flexible yet tough, the Centipede allows you to create a movable custom workspace that supports 2500 lbs.—perfect for any equipment from power tools and heavy machinery to finished projects and glue-ups.


  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction: Struts are flexible to absorb the impact from heavy objects and machinery, and durable enough to ensure long-lasting, smooth operation.
  • Variety of Sizes: Choose from four sizes to find the right Centipede for your job. The larger the workstation, the more weight it can hold.
  • Durable Polymer P-Tops: P-Tops at each point of contact won’t mark the surface of your project or let saw blades cause potential damage to struts.
  • Room for Accessories: P-Tops feature 360-degree rotational spin and can accommodate all Centipede accessories to expand worksite capabilities.
  • Creates a 2ft x 4ft workstation.


  • 4 X-Cups
  • 2 Quick Clamps
  • Carry Bag


Unit Weight12.5 lb
Weight Capacity2500 lb (1133kg)
Working Height30 in.