BORA 544008 Saw Plate and Rip Handle Combo Set (2-Piece)

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The BORA 544008 Saw Plate and Rip Handle Combo Set (2-Piece) is the perfect alternative to a table saw in both ease of use and price. This is the perfect accessory to your NGX or WTX Clamp Edge to help you break down material with a smaller tool. When you need to rip sheet goods down to size, you need an easy-to-use tool that gives you fast, accurate cuts.


  • Large, ergonomic rip handle ensures solid grip
  • Can be used on right- or left-handed saws — no tools necessary to switch
  • Portable so you can take it to job sites
  • Extruded aluminum rail attaches to saw plate securely for confident cuts
  • Works with BORA NGX and WTX Clamp Edge Systems
  • Set up once and you’re set for every use
  • Accurate, straight, repetitive cuts up to 24 in. wide - no length restriction
  • Universal saw plate works with most left or right-handed saws
  • Rip or crosscut plywood or other sheet goods down to size


  • (1) Saw plate that fits most right- or left-handed saws
  • (1) Aluminum rail


Length (in.)32.5 in.
Width (in.)10 in.
Height (in.)3.75 in.
Weight (lb.)2.29 lb.