Black Friday


This Black-Friday event is IHL's biggest of the season. Incredible deals can be found on flooring, tools, accessories, equipment, apparel and all essentials. Look for yourself.

Act Now, While Supplies Last!


Updated workwear that's comfortable, affordable, functional and essential to any quality work. DuraDrive clothing moves with you and works hard with you. Whether it's the jobsite or the weekend outings, DuraDrive got you back.

Hand Tools

Toolbox is looking a little thin? They say that "a man can't have too many tool". You will save while putting that theory to the test with the great deals on these quality brands.

Soft Storage and Belts

These Bossa toolbelts, pouches and belts will allow you to carry tools safely and within reach. Since you will have more money in your pockets thanks these deals, these items will be even more useful.

Tape Measures

They say, "measure twice, cut once". We say, don't over think it, get two tape measures. Our savings can be measured in metres not millimetres.

Power Tool Accessories

"Every woodworker needs at least three blades." We speak from experience. It was hard work cutting down prices of these items.


The best of the world will be at your feet with Syn's click-it vinyl flooring and DryBarrier. We laid down an assortment of deals that are so low that even worms need to look down to see them. 


There's nothing worse than running out of screws mid job. We wanted it to help by lowering their prices. Well, we must have had loose screw because the prices now too low. So, take advantage and stock-up before, we change our minds.

Tile Cutting Tools

You never want to hear the word "break" and "tile" on the same sentence. But in this case, these tile cutters are priced so low that we have to break through the floor.


The light of paradise will appear when you see how low these prices are. Stock-up while supplies last.

Power Equipment

The power of these deals is the best in IHL's history. Even if it cranks up the pressure on our competition, the winner will be you.


Let's be on the level and get straight to the point. Our deals are not just okay, they're amazing.

Fans and Vacuums

Whether it’s meant to suck or blow, these deals will take you breath away. Click and see what we mean.

In-Store Only Deals

Some of our deals are so scandalously good that we cannot divulge them publicly on the internet. You need to come to our Innisfil or Woodbridge store to see the amazing prices on these brands.