Bessey EZS30-8 12 in. x 3-1/2 in. EZS One-Hand Trigger Clamp and Spreader

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Bessey EZS30-8 12 in. x 3-1/2 in. EZS One-Hand Trigger Clamp and Spreader. The new Bessey quick-action EZS one hand clamp and spreader with 445 pounds of force. Lightweight, comfortable, and exceptional performance; exactly what you would expect from a Bessey. Thanks to the intelligent release button, the upper section can be quickly converted from clamping to spreading, without the need for tools or releasing screws. The ergonomically shaped 2-Component plastic handle with pump level is positioned behind the rail, enabling a powerful grip. Soft pressure caps guarantee material protection and secure clamping. Superior internal components such as large clutch plates, heavy duty springs, and a metal pivot point that significantly reduces wear are all a reflection of Bessey's German engineering.


  • Powerful technology
  • The extremely sophisticated technology makes it possible - single-handed clamping and spreading of workpieces with up to 445 lb clamping force
  • Intelligent release button
  • Quick and strong one-hand clamping or spreading


Throat Depth3-1/2"
Clamping Capacity12"
Spreading Capacity6-1/2" - 19-1/2"
Clamping ForceUp to 445 lbs clamping force