Stabila Sets Home @ IHL

Posted by Juliea Hollingsworth on 6/28/2010
Stabila’s life-time guarantee and patented design features are unbeatable in today’s construction industry. Mike Fraser of Stabila was recently interviewed regarding the success of the manufacturer/distributor relationship between Investments Hardware Ltd (IHL) and Stabila.
“Measuring confidence!” was the first reaction when Mike was asked how Stabila products stand out from its competitors. “Stabila has built a name of being the most dependable level manufacturer in the industry.” Top-quality customer service begins in a German factory and continues through to IHL, who have created a clear and informative display area, highlighting their confidence in Stabila’s product line.
It does not take long for a “Stabila Measuring tool” to pay for itself. Without the guaranteed precision of a Stabila level, “one mistake on a measuring application can triple a job’s cost,” explained Mike.
It is obvious that Stabila’s standard of precision is set high, but is it possible to develop newer products that are even more precise?
“The answer is ‘Yes,’” Mike assured, “It is possible to make even more precise measuring tools, but the main goal with Stabila is to make dependable products that offer optimal precision that don’t create frustration.”
Mike noted that Stabila’s investment at IHL has been “absolutely successful.” He continued, “IHL is consistently meeting and exceeding our expectations as a serious trade partner.” The display area dedicated to Stabila at IHL benefits the customers because “contractors want and need recommendations.”
“The display area at IHL benefits Stabila as well by giving the measuring department a real presence. When a distributor shows their support on a product line like they have with Stabila, it shows the contractors have added confidence in the product.” Mike added, “We feel that there is no display to date [that] is like the display at Investments Hardware. It is quite possibly the best display in North America, maybe the world.” What future growth is possible between IHL and Stabila?
Stabila expressed interest in expanding the line of products sold by IHL. Mike said, “There are many areas of growth that are possible with Stabila and IHL. One for example, is Lasers. With proper teamwork, IHL could be the leading distributor of Lasers in Canada.”
How can trades people benefit from such a synergy between Stabila and Investments Hardware?
“Tradespeople will benefit by having a distributor that is highly trained on Lasers, an often misunderstood and, therfore, intimidating category. In the future, a dedicated yet continually evolving hands-on demonstration area could really make an impact on sales and customer product knowledge,” Mike suggested.
Investments Hardware Ltd. would like to thank Stabila for their contributions and ongoing excellence in providing quality products that are proudly promoted to valued customers and business partners.

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